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greenpoint sour
700g batard, $7
A classic white sourdough, or country loaf, with a little stone ground Glenn whole wheat from Roan Mills, and WB7589 hard white wheat, and Gazelle rye flours from Grist and Toll. Very light and tangy with mild flavors. This bread is an easy crowd pleaser, and a versatile loaf that goes with anything.
sesame ancient grain
700g batard, $8
Made with Camas Country Mill einkorn and Grist and Toll spelt, this loaf has a high percentage of whole grain and unhulled sesame seeds for a rich, nutty flavor and lots of health benefits. Einkorn and spelt are ancestors of the modern varieties of common wheat and not only taste delicious, but have weaker protein development making them easier to digest for people with gluten intolerance. 
injera porridge bread
800g boule, $8
This bread has a porridge made from fermented teff incorporated into the dough, as well as teff flour blended in. Teff is one of the world's smallest cereal grains, originating from the Horn of Africa. It is fermented and used to make Injera, an Ethiopian and Eritrean flatbread, which is known for its nutty flavor and spongy texture. 
malted challah
1.5 kg Pullman, $10
This enriched bread is well known as the celebratory loaf of the Jewish Sabbath meal. This version, made with milk, a milky roux, a preferment called poolish, and malted barley syrup, has a lactic and malty sweetness reminiscent of malted milk shakes and beer. It is very soft with a squishy texture similar to brioche, and is perfect for BLTs, grilled cheese sandwiches, and French toast.

Photo by Scott Lynch

Currently, I'm working with a small oven, so I can't make as much bread as I'd truly like to. For now, I'm thrilled to offer up to 10 loaves for sale per day.

To place orders, please contact me through Direct Message on Instagram @maxbeegee, or by emailing me at

Because the natural fermentation process for sourdough is long and slow, orders must be placed by 8am the day before you'd like to pick up your bread.

Bread can be picked up at Echo Park, anytime after 12:00pm.

Payments can be made via Venmo @maxbeegee or via credit card. 

how to order
how to order
about me

My name is Max and I'm a baker in Los Angeles, CA. Originally from the Bay Area, I grew up eating a ton of sourdough bread. As I got older, I realized I would eventually have to learn how to make it to keep feeding the addiction. One summer while I was still in college I tested recipes for Josey Baker's cookbook back in San Francisco, and I began making naturally leavened bread at home. At the beginning I sucked, but every time my bread came out of the oven I immediately wanted to do it all over again. I started reading every bread book I could find, and I fell pretty deep into the bread world. By this time, I was working for Mission Chinese Food in New York, but I eventually left to start baking full time. Now, after years of making bread for restaurants like Roberta's, Emily, Tørst/Luksus, and most recently The Standard Hotel East Village, I've probably become more addicted to baking it than I am to eating it.

about me
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